Thursday, December 19, 2013

Where Did You Come From?

Quick tip for my British friends (because American children are taught this in school. At least when I was going to school. But who knows what they teach them now with all this No Child Left Behind and Core teaching and newfangled mathematics and Pluto isn't a planet stuff. But I digress.):

Please, PLEASE include a return address on all your cards and letters, especially at Christmas! We love to hear from everyone and assume everyone would love to hear from us. What can't be assumed is that we have all your addresses so we can send something back to you.

...and then you think we're totally rude when we really don't have any idea how to get in touch with you.

(And in some cases, frankly, we don't know who in heaven's name you are and your address would help us figure that mystery out. Pat, I'm talking to you, buddy!, or lady!)

A return address on the envelope is also really helpful if your post goes astray and ends up going to the wrong person (us) because you mistakenly put the wrong address on it (ours)--BUT DIDN'T WRITE YOUR RETURN ADDRESS ON THE ENVELOPE SO WE CAN SEND IT BACK TO YOU AND YOU CAN GET IT TO THE RIGHT PERSON!

Poor Carol Dawber & family will never know that Roger, Anita, Martin and Lara send their "love and best wishes always-kiss!" (Because when you send something to the wrong person at the right address, the wrong people at the right address just might accidentally open your Christmas Blessings card featuring wise men and read it. And then toss it. It can happen.)

Let's all practice good posting form, shall we? Always, always write your own address on the back of the envelope or in the upper left-hand corner of anything you send. Then the Pats and Carols of the world will get the cards they so richly deserve.

Thank you.

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