Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve!

It's 5:00 pm on Christmas Eve and it's already been a full day! We were out the door by 9:20 am and drove to the local Vue cinema to see "Frozen" and we loved it! After the movie, we crossed over the river and through the doors, to Pizza Express we went--where I used my Tesco vouchers to prove that there really IS such a thing as a free lunch! An hour of shopping brought a couple of excellent gifts we snuck into the car without the children knowing. We're so clever that way...

And now it's Christmas Eve evening and Christmas music is playing, lights are lit and I'm feeling very Christmasy, especially after sipping a lovely eggnog cream from Starbucks while we were in town (thank you, gift card given to me by my friend Julie!). 

I'm temporarily avoiding the wrapping frenzy by writing this, Tim is at the local Waitrose grocery store looking for last minute Christmas bargains and the kids are watching TV, guided by the annual Radio Times Christmas edition. Peace on earth, at least for now.

Looking forward to tonight's Carol Service at 11:30 pm, then Santa duties, and then a short sleep (because I have a feeling the wrapping frenzy won't end very soon), and Christmas Day! Presents, dinner prepared by Tim, family time, watching the Queen's Speech and the Doctor Who special, relaxing, eating leftovers and doing whatever else we feel like doing. Ah, bliss!

Merry, Merry Christmas! 

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