Tuesday, February 05, 2013

As To the Matter of Catching Up...

This January has included:

The Leaning Tower of Snowman.

(He died days later by his own hand.)
(Or by the hand of the weather. Whatever.)

(His button eyes and carrot nose jumped ship a few days previous.)

...an inventory of the wide variety of Jello products 
currently stockpiled in my storehouse.

(That I panic-bought in America.)
(Because I can't get them in England, that's why.)

(They must be used.)

...Kathryn's fabulous fun-filled two-week vacation!! 

(at home with Mommy!!)
(...and a constant fever 
and some vomiting
and headaches 
and some drenching sweats
and a couple of visits to the doctor.)

(Such fun!) 

Some incredible homemade pizza.

(...that I still make too much of) 
(because it's impossible that I only have two children left at home)

(because I miss the kids at uni and keep thinking if I cook it, they will come)

What's your January been like?