Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sometimes I Like to Watch TV

A couple of years ago I found a website called watch.series and with it, have proceeded to keep up on American culture via TV shows through the magic of the internet. Sometimes I just need to hear Americans and I need to watch them and I need for them to make me laugh.

I just watched the latest episode of Modern Family and I'm convinced that if I could just remember to switch this show on whilst in the middle of a crisis, I could weather anything with a smile and perhaps a belly laugh. How in the world are these writers and actors so dang clever??

I thought once about writing a show based on my dad's veterinary clinic. I still think I might. But now that it's out in the universe, one of the big three will probably have one in next year's big fall lineup. But I digress.

Sometimes I like to watch TV. Most of the time I feel guilty about it. But I've pretty much decided to give up the guilt thing. Because sometimes I just need a laugh and sometimes I just need an escape and sometimes I think that's okay.

And I just noticed that I use the word "just" a lot. That's okay, too.