Monday, June 06, 2011

Our Week...

Excerpt from a letter to our missionary son. Just to get back into the blogging thing and to finally post something!

We went on our annual family camp out last weekend. Very cool! We took the big thick luxury bed and it worked! I can now go camping without popping 50 ibuprofen tablets. Yea for me and stuff. And we saw cool Corfe Castle and lots of things. Corfe Castle was the inspiration for castle in the Enid Blyton Famous Five books. Just so you know. We took pictures.

So then Monday we were still all about camping and we went to Corfe Castle for a town fete and I was all excited about it because I love those crafty-foody kinds of things, but it turned out to be so funny and silly because there were like 10 booths set out on the grounds in the rain. Ten little stands of home-made jams and home-grown plants and junk that they were trying to pawn off on the unsuspecting tourists and then some baps with bacon and some other stuff. I bought a jar of grape/plum jam from a man who looked like he could use a sale, but I don't know if I trust the safety of the product so will probably give it a watery burial down the drain. It made him happy and he was old, so it was okay.

We came back from our wanderings here and there to find baby spiders throwing webs everywhere. We had to clear them out and then when we were packing up, found several other little spidery nurseries that we also swept away. It was good.

Tuesday we packed up and came home after picking up some lovely pasties at the local bakery and sitting on a beach and then we came home. It was good to be home. We were tired and stuff.

Wednesday was the 1st day of June and we had a YW/YM beach trip planned. I was not in the mood to go as my brother and family were coming Friday morn and there was so much to do in the house to prepare. But I went anyway, as it was my duty. Then I realized that I really didn't have to go, but we were already there, so I made the best of it. It was gray and a bit cold, but the children seemed to have a good time. A friend borrowed a minivan from his school of employment and drove us to a lovely spot down by the water. We done been there before once, between Boscombe and the other beach which I can't remember the name of.

So then it was Thursday. The day of massive cleaning and preparing. And so I will tell you what we did from the front of the house back. Dad dug out the flowering spiky tree and then planted it will all our very own greenhouse birthed plants. It looks lovely! and then we also planted things in other pots to make it all feel special and pretty. And one of the coolest things was when we were planting the one leafy plant, this MASSIVE worm crawled out! It was the most massive worm I've ever seen except for the worms we dissected in Biology in high school. Like 12 inches long! and so we put it back in it's pot home and left it there like a pet. We should be worm farmers because we're good at it.

Sarah is finished with Year 12 and will be going back to school at the end of June for the beginning of Year 13. Can hardly believe it. Then she'll be going to university.

Hannah is going through this thing where I think she feels embarrassed by everything I do. Like complimenting her and hugging her and talking to her. It makes me laugh. It's a totally normal teenager thing, but it's so funny. Anyway, I sort of gently harass her with love. She can't blame Kathryn any more for her messy room. She's continuing to do well with piano and trumpet and even guitar now. While we were camping, she commandeered Sarah's guitar and played and sang. Lovely voice.

Kathryn is full of energy and gigglyness. She is a cutie. We seem to be getting along much better. I think I told you how I stopped losing my temper and stayed calm and how it seemed to make her go nuts. It was kind of funny, really. She ramped up the tantrums and I still remained calm and now she's calm herself. It's good. She's excited to have her own room, but it's only been temporary as Lizzie is coming home today to stay for awhile. She'll be staying in Kathryn's room and Steve will stay in Sarah's.

Big news about Lizzie is she was accepted to the Master's program for Occupational Therapy! Still not engaged, but I think she has the wedding planned. So she'll be home later today for awhile.

What else...

Well...the rest of our week. Friday your dad and I got up very early and picked up my brother and his wife and their two girls. Their plane got in at 5:45 am.

So we got them home and fed them a little breakfast and your dad and Kathryn and I accompanied them on a whirlwind magical mystery tour of some cool things. All in one day we hit Stonehenge, Bath, Lacock and Avebury. We were all trashed by the end of the day, especially them as they had jetlag. But it was good to do all that seeing things stuff. My brother didn't believe in jet lag. Now he does. Every time we got back into the car and started driving, he was out.

Saturday we had planned to go to London fairly early, but they were so tired, I let them sleep and then we didn't get out of the house until probably 11am or so. And it was a day of delays! The train signals had been vandalized, so they had to cancel the fast trains and so it took us ages and ages to get a train to London. Then there were Tube closures so it just took us awhile to get to the Big Bus Tour, but we finally did and then just cruised around London. It was cool. I don't think I've ever done the full circuit, but we did this time--twice! The second time, only my brother and me and his fam rode while your dad and the girls walked to Buckingham Palace to wait for us.

Sunday my bro and co. went back to London to explore more and we went to church. There's another new American couple who just moved in so there's too many Americans now! :) We had a nice roast chicken dinner and then raced to get them to Portsmouth as my brother had mistakenly thought that the ferry left at 11:30 pm but it really left at 11. So then when we got there, with plenty of time, turns out the ferry was 45 minutes delayed! I swear their whole trip was like that! Anyway, they'll be back in two weeks and spend the night and then we'll take them to Heathrow for the return journey. I've loved having them here. Great to visit and hang out.

Yea for American visitors!