Thursday, February 05, 2009


So...we've been hit by the Greatest Snowstorm in Recent Memory! and while our older kids are ecstatic due to rampant school closures--including theirs--the younger two are disheartened. They attend a primary school that is pre-ghost Scrooge: it never closes. Never. I did let them off the hook by keeping them out of school on Monday so they could play, but they haven't had another reprieve. Chris' school has been closed three of four days and Sarah's school has been closed two out of four, but the little missies' school has stayed open. Wide open. The administration faltered slightly today by opening late at 10 am, but that didn't soothe the troubled hearts and souls of the young ones. So off they went this morning in their wellies, regular shoes tucked inside their bookbags, Sarah as their escort.

For those wondering how much snow must fall in order to close so many schools and even lead to headlines about London shutting down, let's just say that it's not as deep as Utah's snow. Not even close. Maybe a few inches. Maybe.

The problem is, in this part of the country, snow is pretty rare. It falls in a meaningful amount maybe once a year, if the kids are lucky. They're not prepared for it here so it feels a bit Chicken Little, as if people are running in circles shrieking, "The snow is falling! The snow is falling!" then trembling behind closed curtains at home, huddled next to the electric fire. Heavens. You'd think it was nuclear fallout.

And no, I haven't been out in it much yet. I did find two snowballs in the freezer though. Does that count?