Monday, October 20, 2008

Google Reader

Yeah, I just totally figured out how to use Google Reader, and now, you can't escape me. I'm subscribed, man. I get you. I get it quick. I'm not so very computer dumb. Pretty dumb, but not totally computer dumb. So yeah. I like Google Reader. I really like Google Reader.

Oh, and if you say "pri' ee" that means "pretty" here. By "here", I mean in the school yard of my kids' school, or any street in the near vicinity. And by "you", I mean tattooed-by-your-drunk friend, cigarette- danglin'-from-the-lip, bad-home-hair-dye-job, tube-top-three-sizes-too-small, belly-roll-showin', f-word-usin', not-likin'-to-shower type of person. Just for clarity.